Nats Notes: Who Replaces Davey Martinez?

The Washington Nationals are 19-31. Every move Davey Martinez makes is now under the microscope. Even if he isn’t the only person who has to be relieved, as manager, he has to be the first to go. It’s a matter of when, not if, he is removed from the managerial post. The question becomes who replaces him?

First of all, even though assistant hitting coach Joe Dillon served as the acting manager on Thursday after Martinez was ejected for defending Howie Kendrick, don’t expect him to be under consideration. Until he usurps Kevin Long as lead hitting coach, he doesn’t have a claim for the job.

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Nats Notes: Lilliquist is Gone, Stars Are Hurt and the Rotation is in Limbo

At long last, I’m back to discuss the state of the Washington Nationals. There’s definitely no shortage of topics. The Nationals are 14–20 through the first chunk of the season, eerily similar to last year. The pitching staff hasn’t lived up to its billing (resulting in a coaching change), injuries are mounting, and many players have been placed in roles that never seemed possible entering the season.

But it’s not all bad. The war of attrition could actually pay major dividends as the summer months approach. Even so, the next 50 games could make or break the team and manager Dave Martinez.

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Josh Rosen Belongs on the Washington Redskins

Josh Rosen and the Redskins are a match made in heaven.

Don’t buy into his 2018 struggles — Rosen has the makings of a successful NFL quarterback. If Arizona takes Kyler Murray with the No. 1 pick in the draft, the best move for both parties is for Rosen to move to Washington. Continue reading “Josh Rosen Belongs on the Washington Redskins”

Nationals Face an Outfield Dilemma After Injury to Michael A. Taylor

Outfield depth looked like a position of strength in the early stages of spring training. Adam Eaton was finally healthy, after spending most of 2018 either on the disabled list or hobbled following an ankle injury, and the Nationals had three young outfielders that they had extreme confidence in entering the season. But then tragedy struck.

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Checking in on Spring Training for the Washington Nationals

While there are almost three weeks left in spring training, many of the questions surrounding the Washington Nationals seem to already be answered. Last month, I made some early predictions in regards to how the pitching staff and position player roster and pecking orders would come to form entering the season. Let’s see how I did, Colin Cowherd style.

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State of the 2019 Washington Nationals: Position Players

The Nationals pitching staff appears to have gotten a boost, but the new-look lineup is also intriguing. Bryce Harper likely won’t be around, but it might not actually make a huge difference.

Before getting into how the top nine should be configured, let’s take a look at the position players at large and how the roster should shape up.

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State of the 2019 Washington Nationals: Pitching Staff

Last year didn’t go as planned for the Nationals, but 2019 is almost guaranteed to be better. They suffered through a few significant injuries to position players in 2018 (Daniel Murphy, Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Eaton, Matt Wieters, and Howie Kendrick), and top prospect Victor Robles hasn’t even made his full-season debut yet.

Notice a name that wasn’t mentioned?

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A Trade Deadline Fit For D.C.

It’s been a season of nearly constant turmoil for the Washington Wizards, after being ranked among the favorites in the Eastern Conference during the offseason—and many other recent offseasons. John Wall has missed almost half of the year, Dwight Howard has barely played, and now the trade deadline has come and gone, leaving the roster appearing far different than it did last season.

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