It’s Alright to be Optimistic

You know it and I know it. It’s been a tough 12 months. You’re ready to get back to normal.

You’re not alone, either.

We all long for the days that enormous stadiums and arenas are packed once again, glistening in shades of team colors instead of chairbacks.

We’re ready. And so is the SEC. Continue reading “It’s Alright to be Optimistic”

Organizational Incompetence and It’s Role in Building a Fan Base

I absolutely love the Baltimore Orioles.

I’ve lived through three distinct eras of Orioles baseball. The first is what I call the “Dark Ages”, which began as Cal Ripken Jr.‘s career came to a close. The second era was the, “I like our guys,” era, when Buck Showalter managed the Orioles to three playoff appearances and an AL East title in 2014.

The third era is the Mike Elias era, the one that began in 2019 and is running through present time. It’s been a rough road thus far, but that’s expected when you plan to get worse to get better. Continue reading “Organizational Incompetence and It’s Role in Building a Fan Base”

An Odd Revision of Football History

Like many of you, I watched the circus that was Washington vs. Philadelphia on Sunday night that ultimately secured an NFC East division title and playoff berth for the Football Team.

The game was unwatchable in many ways — the two teams combined to turn it over five times, including a comical six-play stretch that included three turnovers. The Eagles, for all intents and purposes, waived the white flag with the result still in the balance. Continue reading “An Odd Revision of Football History”