Stephen Newman Joins The LaBlue Review as a Contributor for Washington D.C. Sports

Stephen with his brilliant dog Casey. Who doesn’t love cute dog pictures?

Stephen Newman, a long-time friend of mine and a graduate of Virginia Tech’s growing communications department, has joined The LaBlue Review to contribute coverage of Washington D.C. sports, primarily the Washington Wizards and the Washington Nationals.

Stephen earned sports writing experience as a student at Virginia Tech from 2014-2018. He served as the Social Media Editor of The Collegiate Times as a senior, managing the student newspaper’s social media presence on multiple platforms. More importantly, Stephen contributed to the newspaper’s coverage of Virginia Tech football and led the way in its coverage of Tech baseball, along with men’s and women’s basketball.

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A Trade Deadline Fit For D.C.

It’s been a season of nearly constant turmoil for the Washington Wizards, after being ranked among the favorites in the Eastern Conference during the offseason—and many other recent offseasons. John Wall has missed almost half of the year, Dwight Howard has barely played, and now the trade deadline has come and gone, leaving the roster appearing far different than it did last season.

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