It’s Alright to be Optimistic

You know it and I know it. It’s been a tough 12 months. You’re ready to get back to normal.

You’re not alone, either.

We all long for the days that enormous stadiums and arenas are packed once again, glistening in shades of team colors instead of chairbacks.

We’re ready. And so is the SEC.

That’s the same SEC who led the way in allowing decent amounts of fans inside stadiums for football games in 2020. Now they are full-speed ahead towards an even more normal 2021.

“We are preparing to play the season as scheduled on Labor Day weekend,” SEC commissioner Greg Sankey told USA Today in a media Zoom call. “I think we will be back toward normal. That is different than back to normal.”

God Bless you Greg. We’re here for it.

As awful and as deadly as the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown measures have been, we’re getting so close to the end that we can see it not all that far off in the distance. Three vaccines have now been approved with the latest one being circulated soon. Cases are dropping and states like mine, Virginia, are beginning to relax lockdown measures.

We’re a lot closer to normal than you might think. And a full college football stadium with a full slate of games every weekend will reinforce that feeling.

Several SEC programs have already stated their goal is to have full capacity seating available for football games this fall. Alabama is the latest to join the gang after athletic director Greg Byrne shared the news on Monday.

Obviously, the first week of college football is pretty far off in the distance. But the optimism surrounding butts in seats is not only refreshing, but desperately needed for a nation that’s been stuck in a cycle of pessimism, stress and grief for more than a year now.

We’ll learn more about the state of COVID-19 this summer. The efficacy of the vaccines will be put to the ultimate test, which they seem more than capable of handling, given the data available thus far. But it’s alright to have hope. It’s ok to believe.

Hold steady, folks. A full Lane Stadium on a beautiful Fall Saturday awaits.

One thought on “It’s Alright to be Optimistic”

  1. I appreciate your optimism, but with so many states and individuals hastily refusing to follow scientific recommendations and protocols I am not so confident. Let’s hope our hubris does not bite us.
    Go Hokies!

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