Tyrece Radford’s Return Comes Not a Moment Too Soon

When Virginia Tech lost Tyrece Radford due to off-the-field issues about a month ago, it seemed like Radford’s season was over.

It looked like the Hokies would have to completely reform their offensive scheme without their best perimeter player. Radford created a lot of shots from the wing, and efficient shot creation isn’t a skill that’s in abundance these days.

But with the talented Nahiem Alleyne still on the roster, it was easy to figure that Alleyne could help lessen that blow. After all, Alleyne can create his own shot and has been moderately effective as a secondary scoring option. Continue reading “Tyrece Radford’s Return Comes Not a Moment Too Soon”

That’s Why You Build Depth

Once again, it seems Virginia Tech basketball is not allowed to have nice things.

It’s always something. It could be a catastrophic injury to a star player, it could be your head coach flirting with other programs. But it’s always something.

This time around, it’s the legal system. Continue reading “That’s Why You Build Depth”

No Need to Worry About Virginia Tech Basketball’s Roller Coaster Start

Basketball is a game of runs. For a few minutes, you can’t miss and you find all the open looks you could ever ask for. Later, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a cruise ship — you couldn’t do that anyway, all of those are shutdown at the moment.

Virginia Tech basketball embarked on a run already — the Hokies started their season with four consecutive wins, including one over national contender and now No. 9 Villanova. The Hokies were playing exceptional basketball.

The run started to slow just two games later against VMI, when Virginia Tech escaped with a 64-57 win on their home floor. It was a humbling performance, but one that didn’t figure to carry over. Continue reading “No Need to Worry About Virginia Tech Basketball’s Roller Coaster Start”