The End of Our National Nightmare is Coming

Electronic Arts has officially done more to create national unity than any politician could ever dream of doing.

And they did it with a tweet.

EA’s breaking of the internet united all of us around one simple declaration — it’s about damn time.

The unceremonious ending to the NCAA College Football video game series left a gaping void in the hearts of sports fans. Few sports generate as much raw passion and fanaticism as college football and EA’s video game was another outlet for fans to exercise that passion.

So when the series ended in 2013 thanks to the O’Bannon v. NCAA lawsuit, fans were stunned. EA’s last release of the game, NCAA Football 14, is worth as much as rare baseball cards.

Those who still have the game — that includes me — play it regularly. An entire genre of college football gaming still exists on YouTube with popular content creators drawing thousands and thousands of views and thousands and thousands of subscribers.

It doesn’t matter that the game is so old it operates on an obsolete generation of gaming consoles. People still play it.

For all of us who never stopped believing — our reward is coming.

Now let’s be clear — the game is not close to being done. The NCAA is still sorting out new their new name, image and likeness (NIL) regulations and now that it’s being taken on by Congress, who knows when that’ll get done. Once NIL is solved, EA has to then negotiate for the NCAA’s rights.

There’s another issue to overcome — gameplay. EA has taken it squarely on the chin in recent years with their annual Madden football releases as users continue to complain about broken animations, aggravating glitches and a general lack of effort to fix issues and add new features. Currently, Madden 21 has a 0.2 user score on Metacritic.

Fortunately, EA already has a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Co., which grants them permission to use teams, logos and uniforms from more than 100 different institutions.

The important thing is that the journey has started. This game is going to happen.

It’s great news for all college football fans. It’s great news for players, coaches, administrators and anyone else associated with the sport.

The game will go a long way towards bringing the community together. Even with all of EA’s flaws, getting a new college football game off the ground is the most important thing.

Unity. That’s one hell of a word, especially in today’s context. But we might finally have some soon, at least in the college football world.

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