The Gap is Widening

“The rich get richer” is a wildly overused phrase. People are who are at the bottom of any distribution often use it to justify their current situation. Sometimes it is true. Other times it is not.

What we saw on Monday night was a case in which the rich are actually getting richer.

Alabama and their group of juggernauts and future NFL stars lambasted Ohio State in the College Football Playoff championship, winning 52-24 in a game that only got less competitive as the night wore on.

Ohio State is a very good team. They are full of collegiate studs and future NFL draft picks. They also had no answer for Alabama, who accumulated 621 yards of offense, owned the time of possession battle by nearly 15 minutes and used a 28-point second quarter to ensure victory.

The Buckeyes looked like a pee wee team. They flailed as Najee Harris scored three touchdowns. They watched in anger as Heisman winner DeVonta Smith validated his trophy, catching 12 passes for 215 yards and three touchdowns. They stood in horror as Mac Jones threw for 464 yards and five touchdowns.

Oh, and it could have been worse. Late in the game, Smith, Jones and Jaylen Waddle were all nursing injuries. Alabama might have scored 70 if it weren’t for those injuries.

So, to recap — a team that annually recruits in the top-10 nationally and has a history of winning national championships found themselves no match in the sport’s national championship game.

That’s a problem.

Not only is the gap between Alabama and the likes of Virginia Tech, Wisconsin or Auburn widening, but the gap between Alabama and Ohio State is presently massive. Can the sport handle that kind of disparity?

What’s the answer to leveling the playing field? I’ve suggested spending caps on football for quite some time now, but that may only have a limited effect. So would tighter scholarship limits. How else do you get some of the talent that Alabama is hoarding to trickle down?

The NCAA and Power 5 institutions need a plan to dilute the sport’s concentration of talent at the top of the spectrum. While it’s fun watching the Heisman trophy winner running roughshod and compiling video game numbers, the sport needs some semblance of balance and parity.

Fortunately for us, the NCAA and our Power 5 conferences and institutions are full of competent leaders who can take decisive action to make the sport better. Oh wait…

One thought on “The Gap is Widening”

  1. Competitive football from 1990-2010 is probably gone forever as new rules will make it where the top ranked teams can make arrangements for pay that other schools can’t. What’s to prevent some alumnus from Alabama who owns a business from using an star player in a advertisement or other teams in large metro areas. Player doesn’t have to wear uniform so long as he has a name/picture recognized.

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